Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Pediatric Robot for Medical Students

"How's Hal?"

That’s the question medical students will need to ask when they are studying to become doctors because Hal is a new AI body created for medical study.

The bot moves, shakes, and convulses. Its eyelids droop, he can cry, bleed and even urinate. Oh, and he can talk, too, and has an expressive face.

One of the reasons for building Hal was to train medical workers on how to approach children, who may not be forthcoming about their symptoms. “They can often do that by facial expression,” says James Archetto, Gaumard’s vice president. To get the expressions right, the company’s engineers worked with pediatricians to fine-tune how an angry or happy child’s face really moves—muscles contracting here, brows furrowing there.

The idea of using Hal, and bots like him, is to bring more emotion into training doctors and nurses who are used to dealing with lifeless mannequins.

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--From The Mission