Sunday, January 30, 2011

Teens Thwart Attempted Murder

"We see it's apparently a girl getting stabbed by another guy. I wasn't going to let a girl die before my eyes I had to do something," said a 16-year-old student after he, along with his 17-year-old friend, thwarted an attempted  public slaying of a woman in a supermarket aisle.   

Another man was slashing a woman with a knife when the two teen heroes walked into the horrific scene.  Other customers froze when they came upon the attempted slaying.  Both teens went after the attacker, grabbed his knife, and were injured in the process. 
The teen explained their reason to intervene, "Yeah, the adrenaline (pumped)  and we just care for people. I mean, we don't have that type of hate in our heart just to stand there and watch as a person gets stabbed to death. You had to react.”

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