Tuesday, March 15, 2011

$24 Million Raised To Aid Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Philanthropy Today reports:
March 14, 2011, 1:14 pm
Early donation totals are starting to come in from charities that are raising money to aid victims of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan.
Among them:
  • The American Red Cross had raised approximately $19-million as of Monday afternoon Eastern time. Text-message contributions accounted for $1.6-million of that total.
  • Catholic Relief Services had raised $450,000 as of Monday afternoon.
  • Give2Asia raised $33,500 for relief efforts over the weekend.
  • International Medical Corps so far has raised $11,830 via text message.
  • International Rescue Committee so far has received $25,000, which it will give to Japanese charities that are providing immediate relief. The organization has an emergency team on standby ready to assist if needed.
  • Mercy Corps had received $600,000 as of Monday afternoon.
  • The Salvation Army had received more than $980,000 by Monday afternoon. Of that total, more than $68,000 came in via text message.
  • Save the Children had raised $2.5-million in the United States as of Monday morning. Of that total, $15,000 came in via text message. Branches of the charity in other countries have raised $500,000 more for relief efforts.
  • World Vision U.S. had received $848,000 as of Monday morning. Text-message donations totaled $8,200.

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