Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Doing Good Things Pay Back Eventually," Says Ripped-Off Skateboarder

A skateboarding 13-year-old from La Canada, CA found a man lying injured on the road—he had been struck by a pick-up truck.  The teen left his skateboard and helmet on the sidewalk and rushed into the street to aid the man who now had a shattered leg, a fractured pelvis and severe bruising. When the teen returned to his skateboard, the helmet was gone.  Several days later the employer of the man who was now hospitalized contacted the teen and presented him with a $50 gift card to replace his skateboard helmet.
“Doing good things pays back eventually, even if something bad seems to come from it. Other people will notice and it will be repaid to you in some way,” said the teen.

Source: La Canada Valley Sun

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