Friday, April 29, 2011

"Silent Knight" Rescued Again--For Life

On December 7, 2010  a stately California sea lion was nameless and one of many near San Francisco.  He was also the victim of a random shooting that left him listless on the beach. When he was discovered on December 8 by a marine mammal rescue team, they called him Silent Knight

After his rescue, the  marine mammal vet reported, " least 5 buckshot metal fragments (are) lodged in his head. Damage also extended(s) to his mouth and jaw." Shortly after Christmas, Silent Knight was deemed blind.  This meant he could not be released to his natural home.  It also meant that euthanasia may be the only humane alternative for this victim of human violence--unless he was rescued again.

Fortunately the San Francisco Zoological Society has adopted the medically rehabilitated, but permanently blind, Silent Knight and he will soon have a new home at the San Francisco Zoo, according to a San Francisco Examiner report.

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