Friday, May 6, 2011

8,372 Volunteers Sweep Jersey Shoreline Trash

When 8,372 people volunteered to clean up 127 New Jersey shore miles of beach, they rescued from the seas an all-time record of 475,321 pieces of trash.

Here's the Clean Ocean Action's analysis of the trash: Plastics accounted for nearly three-quarters of the debris plucked from the beaches, with plastic caps or lids topping the list at 61,895. Miscellaneous bits and pieces of plastic were next at 51,249 items, followed by cigarette filters (an all-time high of 45,903), food wrappers or bags (43,113), straws or coffee stirrers (39,029), foam pieces (22,099), and bottles (18,212). Wood and lumber accounted for 10,384 items, followed closely by cigar tips (10,328) and shopping bags (8,619).

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