Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peru's Literacy Gains

The Ipsos Apoyo polling agency reported in 2006 that 11% of Peru's population was illiterate. The agency reports that since then over 200,000 Peruvians have taken advantage of literacy programs, bringing the illiteracy rate down to 6.5%, according to a guardian.com.uk report.

The indigenous population of Potsoteni, for example,"... are on a government adult-education course, part of the National Mobilisation Programme for Literacy (Pronama). After starting in the Andes in 2006, Pronama has been extended to the whole country. 'More than 1,638,000 illiterate people have studied since its start,' says the programme's head Angel Velazquez, who claims that 'out of that number, a million students ended up knowing how to read, write and do basic calculations,'" writes the Guardian.

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