Monday, May 30, 2011

Thoughtful Deeds Spread Joy

Yesterday I stood in gale force winds that pierced right through the visitors to Piedras Blancas Bluffs near San Simeon, Ca.--most dressed for summer beach weather.  A tiny older woman flew from her car amazed at the sight of 100s of northern elephant seals resting on the beach. She was as joyous as a child on Christmas morning.  I called her to come closer to the seals and I'd explain the view.  Her husband, also demure, braced himself from the winds.  Her English was okay, her husband spoke none.  She translated my information for him.  Suddenly she broke away and dashed to a nearby young couple, not dressed for the weather, struggling to keep their baby from the winds and trying to get a photo of the three of them.  "Here, I take your photo," she said smiling as the wind nearly blew her away. She was irresistible and they handed her their camera.  "Stand there, okay. I see you now," she said looking through the camera's screen. "Good photo! You enjoy," she said giving them their camera back with a smile bigger than the rest of her.

We went back to talking about seals.  "This is good," she said.  Her husband, I assumed, said, "Can we get out of this wind now?" 

She turned around and gave me a warm hug thanking me.  I buzz shot through my body and I knew I had just encountered one of those special souls who spread light where ever they go.

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