Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amputees Regain Dignity on Surfboards

I first discovered this nonprofit group, AmpSurf, several years ago while sitting in an airport.  Young, healthy men, some in wheel chairs and others missing arms, legs, or both worked their way through airport security.  Some were visibly upset by the process, other laughed their way through.  It was one of those awakening moments.  Several wore t-shirts that said, "AmpSurf Clinic '07."

I researched the group and experienced double awe-inspiration. 

From the website, "We are a Non-Profit Organization made up of amputees, veterans and friends & family of the disabled, . We want to Promote, Inspire,Educate, and Rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes through adaptive surfing & fun safe outdoor activities all can participate."

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