Thursday, September 15, 2011

Innovative Environmental Work "Puts Light At The End of The Tunnel"

Ten innovative environmentalists, from musicians, scientists and cinematographers were recently awarded honors by the Heinz Foundation, represented by Theresa Heinz who explained, "I know that young people, when faced with this type of person, it is infectious. It puts a light at the end of the tunnel. You see were you could be going," according to a Seattle PI report.

Some of the awards included:
  • A scientist who  showed abrupt climate change is possible by using ice-core samples to show that the last ice age ended over just a three-year period;
  • A groundbreaking database called Ask Nature. Visitors can see how organisms filter air and water, gather solar energy and create non-toxic dyes and glues;
  • Studying the impact chemicals have on wildlife and insights to how humans may be impacted;  
  • Ocean biodiversity and the impacts of humans on marine life, and even,
  • Work assigning musical notes to seismic activity from five Alaska monitoring stations to create a sound and light exhibit.


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