Friday, February 24, 2012

5-10-5-10: A How To Formula For A Better World

5reject greed
10tread lightly
5connect with (the bright side of) community
10build up democracy

The above is the formula presented by FairShare International,  as stated on the website,  "... a diverse, global community of individuals, families and businesses who are taking a stand for a fair share for everyone, always. We are against the unjust distribution and misuse of the world's resources - money, water, energy and minerals. We are for a fair go for all people.

Of the earth's water, energy and minerals used each day, 80% is consumed by 20% the earth's wealthy population (about a billion of us). Leaving almost nothing for the majority of people and compromising the existence of future generations, this consumption is neither fair nor sustainable. By joining the FairShare community, you can help achieve:
  • decreasing the gap between rich and poor
  • better use of the earth's resources
  • more ethical connections with others
  • conservation of the natural environment and threatened species "

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