Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recylcing Mardi Gras Bling

"Don't Throw It Down, Clown," reads recycling containers that will be placed throughout downtown New Orleans, LA  through the end of Carnival season. The 55-gallon drums are outfitted with special tops to allow the collection of beads, reports WKRG.

"...if left on the streets and sidewalks after a parade, (the beads) often wind up in our waterways. Once in the ecosystem, beads, like other litter, have a negative impact on wildlife and waterways.

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of abandoned beads, the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program has partnered with Keep Mobile Beautiful, the Downtown Mobile Alliance, the Bellwether Group and the City of Mobile to create a clever bead recycling opportunity."

The Arc of Great New Orleans will also bring up a trailer behind some parade and encourage revelers to throw the trinkets back into the trailer for recycling.

Another volunteer group, Verdi Gras, will participate in greening up Mardi Gras.

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