Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foxhounds Trained To Halt Rhino Poachers

From South African National Parks:

Three Foxhounds, called Kombi, Jetta and Chico, have become the first of a new generation of crime fighters entering the poaching war on the side of our rhinos. They are busy completing the initial phase of their training, and are making excellent progress. They have shown above average abilities, and have already learnt to ignore animal spoor in favour of their human quarry. They are busy with a daily tracking routine which already has them tracking people with a 90% success rate. They are well balanced, keen and boisterous and are displaying an eagerness to track which bodes well for their futures...

The SANParks Honorary Rangers decided to sponsor this project with a R43 000 sponsorship through the Unite Against Poaching project, to help increase the efficiency of counter poaching teams. The dogs will be deployed as part of a rapid reaction team, which can be on the scene of a poaching incident within minutes. These tracker dogs will enable counter poaching teams to track poachers much faster and efficiently...

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