Sunday, May 6, 2012

Conserving Natural India

 Centre for Wildlife Studies practices science-based conservation, with special emphasis on the ecology and conservation of the tiger and other large mammals. CWS works in collaboration with Central and State Governments in India to promote conservation of wildlife and wild lands and is additionally supported by several international and national charities, agencies and donors. CWS has implemented several projects involving wildlife research, education, training, outreach and site-based conservation at regional and national levels.

Krithi Karanth works on human dimensions of conservation, such as human-wildlife conflicts, land use change, voluntary resettlement, tourism impacts and people-park relationships. With a National Geographic grant, she will assess human-wildlife conflicts in five parks of India’s Western Ghats. The project will identify and map risks and consequences for local people and the implications for conflict-prone wildlife species such as elephants, wild pigs, leopards and tigers.

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