Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Samaritans Decline Money For Their Help

Even media moguls experience a car breakdown on sparsely populated and no cell tower rural roads.  But thanks to some sightseeing tourists from Germany with  Samaritan hearts, Ted Turner was rescued on a lonely stretch of Highway 1 in Big Sur.

"... a couple of European Good Samaritans who were motoring down scenic Highway 1 near Big Sur on Saturday came to the CNN founder's rescue when they stopped to take in the view and noticed the 73-year-old struggling to start his Jeep's engine...The couple said they didn't recognize Turner when he introduced himself and were somewhat disbelieving when he told them he founded the Cable News Network...They they motored up the road...a to a gas station where Turner found a mechanic to drive back and jump-start his stubborn Jeep...the couple declined his offer of $100 for their trouble and said they were just glad to help," reads a McClatchy News report. 

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