Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hollywood's Bridge For Veteran Support

Jobs.  Education.  Health.  Housing. Family. Leadership. 

These are the 6 Pillars the organizers for Got Your 6, a Hollywood-based non profit, announced as its partnership goals as a means to support US military veterans.

The website clarifies:

  • Got Your 6 will inspire Americans to help bridge the civilian-military divide.
  • Got Your 6 will provide tools, platforms, and resources that Americans can use to feel more comfortable with military and veteran culture. 
  • Got Your 6 will create opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate our communities. 
  • Got Your 6 will change the conversation in America, so that our returning veterans are not seen as liabilities, but as assets.
  • Got Your 6 will embody—for all Americans—the values of duty, selfless service, and mutual respect upheld by those that serve in our military.

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