Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Mulch Fairy" Inspires Daily Good Conversation

A Facebook (FB) group shares everyday chat among a group of women.  One woman, tired of the organic debris that built up around her residence, but outside of her property decided to clean it up.
Leaf bag after leaf bag filled with rich compost perfect debris…but there was no place to dispose of it and no city or residential collection was available. But a smile, enthusiasm and kind words coerced another person with access to taking garden debris for composting, to haul the mountain of compost-ready debris to a proper facility.
The following (edited) FB posts ensued:
#1:  When you consider that each individual knows about 200 other people...individual action can have a big impact.  Just think what would happen, if just for a month, each of us decided to say something nice to every person we see during the day...I think I just happened unto a personal project.
#2:  Or do one kind thing for someone...and it has to be anonymous. 
#1:  ...if something good (catches) my attention, I should say something.  It's amazing how you brighten up someone's face just by saying to a cashier, "what a pretty name."  Side benefit--makes me feel good too.

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