Thursday, May 3, 2012

US Academics Pledge To Battle Poverty

Twenty-eight college leaders have pledged to give 5% of their earnings to fight global poverty, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Inspiring the commitment is the book, The Life You Can Save, penned by a Princeton University bio ethicist, Peter Singer. The "... 2009 book is often cited by philanthropists, who find it difficult to reject Mr. Singer's argument that the failure of people who are relatively well off financially to eradicate global poverty is an unconscionable moral stain," notes the news article. 

(The book inspired the web page:

"...28 current and former college leaders will publicly come forward as charter members of the Presidents' Pledge Against Global Poverty.  In so doing, they commit to join (the project)  donating 5 percent of their total compensation this year to charities that fight global poverty.

The list includes presidents from liberal-arts colleges, religiously affiliated institutions, and a few research universities."

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