Monday, June 18, 2012

A Big Job For One As One

Saving endangered creatures and the environment is a big job--too big for one, except for the Be As One Foundation, "... founded on a firm set of beliefs that drives our passion, our empathy and are desire to take action. We have strongly stated opinions, for which we do not apologise but we are also open-minded and encourage dialogue, intelligence gathering and the value of teamwork and will happily alter our opinions and strategies were warranted.

    • To develop a comprehensive infomation database about current creteacean, dugong and other marine animals conservation efforts.  In doing so develope a list of what--watching organization which are actine in a progresive, responbile manner and provide regular updates on the activities of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and other inporant bodies.

    • In partnership with other organization promote the use and protection of a much needed whale sancuatuay in the south atlantic.

    • In parnership with other organization maintain a information exchange that promite Asian Elephant welfare and conservation.  Providing crucial support to imporant field projects where necessary.

    • To exponentially develop our list of members and friends by consistently promoting how to get involved, enabling members to help shape the work we do.

    • Through open dialog develop common standards and understanding in promoting projects that truly make a difference whilst providing freedom for all, high welfare standards and minimal environmental impact.

    • To advance public education, in particular by providing educational and research programs that raise public awareness both nationally and internationally, of the problems  facing the natural world including but not limited to natural habitat degradation, wildlife loss, animal welfare and human inequality.

    • To develop a network of open and transparent cooperation between individuals and organizations, local and international, so we can work and operate together in serving the community.

    • Work in partnership with businesses in developing efficient and sustainable use of precious resources and renewable energies.

  • Facilitate the development of links between geographically disperse schools and colleagues to enable the exchange of ideas for safe guarding the future of the natural world.
Every 6 months we review our strategic goals, measuring or productivity against them and where necessary update them for the next period."

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