Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bridging Developed World to the Indigenous World

In the "developed world" we are taught very little about indigenous peoples. Unless you study anthropology or linguistics, you've probably never heard of many of the peoples on our web site before. This lack of education on both sides creates a divide between us. Our mission is to help bridge this divide by providing education both for and about indigenous peoples. We hope that you will find our work both enlightening and educational, states The Peoples of the World Foundation mission statement.

The apolitical NGO, "...(does) not contribute financially to or become actively involved in political causes or campaigns. Yet we understand that a large part of indigenous peoples' plight and struggle is related to their desire for self-determination and political representation on their own terms," the website explains.

Upon visiting the website, one can also learn about little-known indigenous peoples from countries around the world, including their challenges and current circumstances.

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