Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Dressings" Spill $30 Million To Charities in 2012

From The Wall Street Journal:

"...(Paul)  Newman's decision to donate the after-tax profits and royalties of his Newman's Own company to charity was special. He did this long before B corporations came into existence and before a tie to charity became a fashionable way to market a consumer product.

To celebrate 30 years of Newman's Own, the Newman's Own Foundation...(announced) a commitment to give away at least $30 million to various charities this year. The foundation, which is based in Westport, Conn., and owns the famous food company, has awarded $350 million in grants during its existence and 2012 will be its largest funding year ever.

The funds will go to nonprofits that work in the areas of nutrition, children with severe medical conditions or who have had a disrupted childhood, empowerment of people and promoting philanthropy. That includes everything from supporting wounded veterans to encouraging play for children to initiatives that cultivate corporate philanthropy and boost the efforts of young people working for social change."

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