Saturday, June 30, 2012

Golden Retreiver "Paws it Forward"

When we landed on this Facebook page, it depicted everything that's right with the world: Great pooches.  What is it about dogs like Ricochet (pictured above)?  Well this one has a website for one, and welcomes visitors with:

 I'm really stoked you surfed over to my website!  Thank you for wanting to learn more about me, the SURFice dog work I do, my philanthropy, my initiatives, and my surfing.  Because of my unique, and highly skilled background of service/therapy/surf dog training, I'm the only known dog in the world who surfs with special needs kids, and people with disabilities as an assisitive aid... my signature stoke!  I'm able to counter-balance the surfboard to keep them from falling off, and I adjust my surfing style based on each individual's disability too! A great combinaton of the healing power of the ocean, and the healing power of a dog!  I also surf for fun & win surf dog contests!  Paw-abunga! More details about me can be found on my page Who is Surf Dog Ricochet. But, for now...

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