Friday, June 29, 2012

The Rescue of Animals in Colorado Fire

This mobile phone photo comes from Coloradoan, Chris Hoskie.
Wildfires, like the current fires burning in Colorado are undeniable tragedies.  But like this photo shows, there is an innate kindness that dwells within humans to rescue and help the helpless in these circumstances.

Volunteers for the Larimer Humane Society, for example,  posted on their website: Larimer Humane Society is coordinating the rescue of all animals in the High Park fire zone, providing owner-requested food and water to animals not evacuated (as permitted by Fire and Sheriff authorities), reuniting owners with lost animals, and providing temporary shelter for evacuated animals.

Other websites, noting that animal rescue locations are nearly overwhelmed, they continue to serve the community.  Here's a few posts:

 The fires have doubled in size in Colorado and not only are people and businesses losing their homes and businesses; but fleeing animals and animals held back need a lot of help too. If you can send any donation to help out to any of these organizations it would be a God send.

  • VCA Animal Hospital in both Fort Collins and Loveland are offering free boarding if pets of evacuees need a place for their furry friends to stay. They will also update evacuees' pets' vaccinations for free if need be. The Loveland location is open 24 hours a day (970) 278-0668. Call the Fort Collins location to find out their hours at (970) 204-4567
Urgent Need Towels and blankets

  •  The Moore Animal Hospital is also offering free boarding to evacuees.

  •  Wolf, a wolf sanctuary near Fort Collins has had to be evacuated, and they desperately need monetary donations, please donate at:
Funding, Donations, Memberships .....

  • ....."We are so very appreciative of all the donated items we have received for the animals in our care. The outpouring of support from our community is phenomenal. At this time, we do not need any additional items, should our in-kind needs change we will let you know! Our greatest need is monetary donations to support our operations. (719) 473-1741, ext. 8723

Donate online at

These are other facilities ready to take in animals
  • *Sunrise Kennels 719.661.7036
  • *Canine Design Salon 719.227.7220
  • *Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital 7193***.3840
  • *Lucky Dog 719.527.9663
  • *Bear Creek Vet 719-685-1177
  • *Dublin Animal Hospital 719-338-8935
  • *CATS Lucky Dog Boarding 719.527.9663
  • *Central Bark Dog Daycare 719.592.9300
  • *Canine Campus 719.448.9600
  • *A Paw Above Boarding Service 719.386.7291
  • *Northwest Animal Hospital 719.593.8582
  • *Camp Bow Wow 719.260.9247
  • *Sunrise Kennels 719.598.8348
  • *Aspen Meadows Pet Resort 719.282.6000
  • *Picasso's Pet Grooming- Security 719.392.4092
  • *Rocky Mountain Health Care Services (Can House
  • *People & Pets) 719.641.2747 & 719.201.0247
  • *Powers ER Animal 719.473.0482

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