Friday, June 1, 2012

You Tube Initiates "Human Rights" Channel

From the New York Times: 

A new YouTube channel devoted to human rights was introduced this week to help raise awareness and provide context for the growing number of videos created by citizen journalists and activists all over the world, YouTube announced in a blog post...

“Nonprofits and activism” is one of the fastest-growing categories on YouTube, according to Olivia Ma, YouTube’s news manager. At the height of the Arab Spring last year, she said, 100,000 videos were uploaded from Egypt, representing a 72 percent increase in uploads from the previous three months, even after the government shut down the Internet for five days.

In Syria, where foreign journalists have been barred from covering the violent clashes, activists have uploaded tens of thousands of videos on YouTube in the past year, allowing the world to see the horrific violence unfolding inside their country.

Sample video:

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