Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arts & Gardens Healing Children

The Kanuwodi Art Retreat is a mentoring program for troubled children in Main.  The retreat was established in 2010 to mentor and guide Maine’s youth to become more peaceful, responsible adults that give back to their communities.

From the website:
“Kanuwodi” is the pronunciation of a series of Cherokee symbols meaning “healing”. Our program will allow children who have had a rough start to express themselves through constructive methods such as art, agriculture and community service and instill pride in themselves, a sense of community and accomplishment and the hope and determination that they can change their own paths.

The children will learn to help out those in need by growing vegetables and giving them out to help out the elderly and needy in our local community and by other community service projects for the elderly such as shoveling snow and mowing lawns. The children will also take part in our art program, allowing them to express themselves and feel the accomplishment of and freedom of completing their own art projects.  Children at Kanuwodi will spend their time with other children their age enjoying the outdoors, being creative and helping others.

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