Friday, July 6, 2012

Committing to Sri Lankan Blue Whales

As Sri Lanka finds peace, the blue whales in the waters surrounding Sri Lanka's coastlines are little studied and in fragile recovery.

Asha de Vos has taken on the project to study these whales and formed the Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project.

Her postgraduate profile states: " To date, research on blue whales within Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the northern Indian Ocean (NIO) has been minimal. These populations, like those of the NIO humpback whales reportedly have a restricted range and breed six months out of phase with the pygmy blue whales in the southern IO, highlighting the conservation implications and significance of gaining a better understanding of the different populations. Additionally, given that these populations feed in areas of heavy ship traffic and are the focus of a rapidly growing unregulated whale-watching industry it is important to assess their status in an effort to better manage and conserve them in the longer term."

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