Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In the Name of Marine Life, A Community Unites

Yesterday an unlikely group of citizens (both environmentalist and non-environmentalists) banded together to speak with their hearts and passion from the soul to stand against a proposal to emit 250dB's into the ocean floor to research potential seismic danger from fault lines near an existing nuclear powered plant in California.  (The decibel level of a nuclear bomb explosion is about 197dB.  There is no study that delineates the effect of 250dBs on marine life--which was the point of discussion.)

While The Daily Prism does not take sides on issues, it does acknowledge the Davids in a David and Goliath type battle.  So many Davids appeared at this governmental hearing, that the commissioners had to restrict public comment to just 2 minutes each. The Davids stood for marine life that could not, obviously, speak for itself.

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