Tuesday, October 2, 2012

$70 Million Committed Toward Children

STARS Foundation  recently made a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative 2012 Annual Meeting.  

The commitment was read out by President Clinton, who said:“The STARS Foundation is committing to support and build the capacities of NGOs to address the reality of child mortality and child poverty around the world. This is a $70 million commitment designed to affect the lives of 20 million children by 2020. First they will scale up their Impact Award programme donating to 16 NGOs a year in two new regions. They will also increase the scope of their programme to reach 100 countries, the 100 that UNICEF has ranked has having the highest child mortality rates. In addition STARS will work with its founder Al Dabbagh group to launch STARS Projects to pilot innovative models of cooperation between companies, high performing NGOs and the communities they serve.”

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