Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nonprofits Tackle Climate Change

From the International Herald Tribune:

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the venerable conservation organization, is increasingly putting resources into research and advocacy in an effort to change public policy on climate change and clean energy. It is not alone among nonprofit groups. A variety of organizations — from those that bring development aid to those that focus on animal protection — have taken up the cause of global climate change. Often through broad coalitions like the Climate Action Network they lobby governments, pushing for policy changes that would favor clean energy...

Oxfam, the charity that fights poverty in the developing world, is also working to put climate-change issues before policy makers.

Trisha O’Rourke, a spokeswoman for Oxfam, said: ‘‘Over the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve increased our work both in helping communities prepare but then also lobbying and campaigning for a global deal on climate change.’’

Oxfam works with communities directly affected by climate change and also invests in lobbying governments and coalition building....

 Christian Aid, a British and Irish church organization that was founded after World War II to help European refugees, is now working on alleviating global poverty while lobbying governments on climate change issues.

‘‘We realized that climate change was having a radical effect on the lives of poor people,’’ said Rachel Baird, a spokeswoman.

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