Saturday, October 13, 2012

Open A Courteous and Respectful Gate

I awoke to fresh drink of water when I read Being Kind and Generous by a fellow blogger.

Seoul's Gate For Courtesy and Respect
She begins: " people seem starved for recognition and appreciation, hungry for simple acknowledgement of their existence? This is not the look at me, look at me, look at me self esteem thing. I think it's sincere.  We all want to feel like we matter in the lives of others. We want to belong and feel connected and we should all feel that way...

 ... When was the last time you noticed, just noticed beauty in someone or something else?...Criticism and complaints are cheap currency. We’re better than that. How about just for today we try and find five simple, little everyday things to praise and appreciate. I wonder if we all wouldn't feel more connected and part of the world we say we want."

 The blog is called, The Art of Being Human.

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