Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dogs Work for Conservation

Invasive weeds and beetles, livestock protection, rare moose studies, endangered kit fox and gorillas have one thing in common-- Working Dogs for Conservation.

This is a unique collection of dogs that because of their unusually high energy levels (that oft times make them family rejections and land them in shelters), and a toy and play obsession combined with the dog's extraordinary olfactory senses, are specially trained to help planetary conservation issues.

"For more than a decade WDC has  developed and refined the training and field techniques for conservation detection dogs.  By mixing techniques from narcotic, search and rescue, and cadaver detection, and combining these with ongoing innovation, WDC remains at the forefront in the conservation detection dog field," the website explains.

A current project is protecting the endangered San Joaquin kit fox habitat where the world's largest solar farm is under construction.

A team of working dogs trained to sniff out kit fox scat are helping biologists learn more about the endangered species and developing an exact survey of the kit fox.

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