Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From One Veteran to the Other

Workshops for Warriors assists the transition of veterans and injured veterans into civilian life through mentorship, training, and education.  A combination of vocational training and real-world job experience empowers veterans, increases their career options, their confidence and self-respect. The feeling of camaraderie in the shop allows veterans to begin networking in order to provide opportunities for challenging and interesting work, states the nonprofit's website.

Workshops for Warriors helped a Navy veteran when  a local  business honored him for his service to the country. The company, which specializes in Volkswagen camper vans, did a complete renovation of the veteran's vehicle — for free. "The company spent more than 50 hours giving the Vanagon a complete overhaul, renovating the cooling system, suspension, wheels and tires, brakes and steering system. Ten employees helped," reports a recent news article.

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