Saturday, December 15, 2012

Find Good Even When It Seems Gone

There are darkened days that make a search for the good that exists everyday a true challenge.  Today is one of those days.

I'm unsure if I'm disheartened, lazy, or depressed, but I've found an easy path to the good things that shed sparks of light by reading thru my local paper.  Here is what local volunteers are doing today in my neighborhood.  Check your local paper for the same, and I pray this will lighten your heart.

  • Songs for the Season:  Fundraising for a public open land preserve
  • Trail Hike with local volunteer docent
  • Volunteers clearing a public trail
  • Make Merry: A holiday event to raise fund for historical lighthouse
  • Historical walk guided by volunteers
  • Free musical performance 
  • Lights parade
  • Victorian Teddy Bear Tea 
  • Local club raised $1,410 and filled 37 grocery bags with food and donated it to a resource center. 

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