Thursday, January 10, 2013

International Community Rallies to Save Trapped Orcas

Photo from TheKayuk

An international community is presently at work to rescue a pod of 12 or more killer whales (orcas)  trapped in the frozen Arctic waters in Hudson Bay.

New York Daily News reports, "Inukjuak Mayor Petah Inukpuk said late Wednesday the village will do everything it can to prolong the whales’ lives as national and international efforts mobilize to try and find a way to save the killer whales, also known as orcas.
"We have decided to give aid as much as possible so that those killer whales have a better chance of surviving," Inukpuk said, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
"The local people will be taking out the blocks of ice around the whales (on Thursday). They will also be cutting the ice into blocks to enlarge the (open) water."

Visit Ocean of Freedom for updates on the efforts to rescue the whales:

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