Monday, January 21, 2013

One Voice for Israel-Palestine Peace

From One Voice InternationalThe Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a global issue of tremendous importance to many in the international community at both the political and grassroots level. However, it is often plagued by oversimplifications and rarely informed by the voices of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians, who live the conflict in different ways every day and seek a lasting and just solution that respects each side’s unique rights and guarantees a future of peace and security.

OneVoice recognizes the reality of the occupation creates unequal parties to the conflict. The movement also understands that Israelis and Palestinians equally share the role and responsibility to propel their leaders toward the two-state solution that resolves all final status issues and establishes an independent Palestinian state, based on the borders of 1967, at peace with Israel. This can only be achieved if the international community embraces its role, helping realize the vision of the movement through constructive engagement and action.

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