Thursday, January 3, 2013

Town Votes For Environment Over Plastic

Plastic lasts nearly forever and is the most abundant man made product on the planet.  Plastics have changed the world.  And while it is not plastic's fault that much of it winds up in the ocean and/or landfills or on roadsides, pathways and parking lots, this is when it turns nuisance versus convenient. 

The pervasive plastic water drinking bottle is one of the poster children for plastic nuisance.  In Concord, Massachusetts, however, a woman in her 80s took to the campaign trail to ban the sale of single serving water in plastic bottles. At a town meeting the ban was approved and enacted.

While the law is imperfect, the woman who kick-started this campaign said, "What I'm trying to do with this Bylaw is to increase the barriers to buying single-serve bottled water because in order to help people change, you need to put policies in place that steer them away from buying bottled water and toward considering the many other good alternatives... I hope that other towns will consider taking action too."


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