Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Training Pooches To Help Disabled People

It's a good day for the good news about our canine friends.  Canines for Service is a nonprofit that serves persons with disabilities from Virginia to Florida and east of the Mississippi River.

Volunteer foster trainers:
  • Provide indoor shelter, food, water, grooming, care and humane treatment to meet the basic needs of the puppy
  • Attend training classes and socialization outing with the puppy as scheduled and follow CFS training guidelines and protocol
  • Promote the mission of CFS by providing community education regarding disability awareness and service dog information as the opportunities arise when out in public with their service dog puppy
  • Financial responsibility for any and all food, supplies and veterinary care the puppy requires while in their care; they may seek sponsors for this support.
  • Understand that the puppy belongs to CFS and the requirement to relinquish the puppy and any equipment or supplies belonging to the program immediately upon notice.

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