Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Tolerant Generation

A sociologist who studies generation change discovered that the generation born after 1978 (Generation Y or the Millineals) are a tolerant and concerned generation.  In an essay she points out several positve factors generated from her research and the resulting book, Generation, Discourse, and Social Change.  

Her recent essay notes;

  • Over the last two decades, numerous quantitative studies have attempted to measure and compare the attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors, and personality traits of different generations. Some have found that the younger generation—X or Y, depending on the study date—is more environmentally and socially conscious, less materialistic, more community-minded and less cynical than the Boomers, while others have found the opposite.

  • I heard a yearning for work that means something, work that allows the worker to feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. And if an interviewee wanted this, they had two realistic options. Either they found the job that had these qualities, or they found a job that ate up a minimum of their energy, time, and identities, affording them the freedom they needed to pursue meaning and a social contribution outside paid employment.  

  • Young people also self-identify as more “tolerant” of different opinions, sexualities, ethnicities and cultures than previous generations.

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