Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love is Woven in Our DNA

Love is in the February air, and in our DNA says neuropsychologist Rich Hanson, his recent blog, Just One Thing: Trust in Love. The following are outtakes from the blog.

"Love is woven into your day because it’s woven into your DNA: as our ancestors evolved over the last several million years, many scientists believe that love, broadly defined, has been the primary driving force behind the evolution of the brain. Bands of early humans that were particularly good at understanding and caring for each other out-competed less cooperative and loving bands, and thereby passed on the genes of empathy, bonding, friendship, altruism, romance, compassion, and kindness—the genes, in a word, of love."

"Don’t sentimentalize love or be na├»ve about it. Trusting in love does not mean assuming that someone will love you. It means confidence in the fundamentally loving nature of every person, and in the wholesome power of your own lovingness to protect you and touch the heart of others. It means coming home: home by the hearth of love."

 "Love is a lot like the air. It may be hard to see—but it’s in you and all around you."

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