Thursday, February 14, 2013

Philanthrocapitalism--The New Philanthropy

USA Today reports that besides the  "...$500 million worth of (a technology entrepreneur's) stock to the non-profit Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which helps donors manage and identify charitable funds that are in line with their philanthropic passions," and the about $900 million donated last year by three high-profile tech CEO's, Silicon Valley's high tech iconoclasts are inventing "philanthrocapitalism."

An example of philanthrocapitalism includes,   "...a small-but-gritty operation called REBBL, run by beverage industry veterans, signed an agreement for retailer Whole Foods Market Northern California to this month start carrying its herbal drink, also named REBBL, in a growing movement of for-profit partnerships in philanthropy. The for-profit beverage concern REBBL came to fruition from Not For Sale, an anti-human-trafficking and anti-slavery non-profit backed by Path, and Humanity United...Sales of REBBL could pump close to $50,000 into NFS in its first year, and more than $775,000 annually later."

REBBL was created around the idea of impact sourcing. Standing for “Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark, and Leaves,” REBBL is an herbal tonic beverage.It aims to not only further physical well-being, but also contribute to the growth of jobs and social economies in areas plagued by labor exploitation.  While the indigenous communities do not have the infrastructure to produce all the necessary ingredients, the REBBL team devised a three-part strategy to make this sourcing possible, explains the Not for Sale website.

The Daily Prism will feature the above non-profits in future posts.

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