Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marathon App--"Charity Miles"

Gene Gurkoff: Making Every Mile Matter-

2013 Dewey Winburne Community Service Award Winner

 What he did: Created Charity Miles, an application for mobile phones that helps people raise money for charity when they walk, run, or bike.
Why he did it: A devoted runner and triathlete, Mr. Gurkoff says he had long wondered how to encourage those who walk, run, bike, and participate in weekend races to raise money for nonprofits through these activities. At a brainstorming meeting with representatives from the American Cancer Society, Mr. Gurkoff started to think that businesses might be willing to “sponsor” everyday athletes if they knew the money went to a good cause (and they could get good publicity).
How he did it: Through his work as a lawyer and volunteer fundraiser, Mr. Gurkoff had ties to people at big charities and managed to persuade several groups, including the American Cancer Society, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Feeding America, to test the idea. From there, Mr. Gurkoff worked with a business partner, Joe Marinucci, a marketing expert, to develop a business plan for the project. They tapped a team of developers to build the Charity Miles app, which allows corporate sponsors to connect with walkers, runners, and bikers who are interested in raising money for charity.
What he accomplished: Since its debut in June, more than 55,000 people have used the Charity Miles app to raise more than $105,000.

Source:  Philanthropy Today

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