Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ski Patrollers Help Habitat With "Ascension"

I'm breaking my own rule about highlighting people as opposed to the deed.  But this time the person I'm highlighting lost her life at age 24--Tessa Horan young, athletic and with a big heart.

Last weekend Santa Fe Ski Area Ski Patrol hosted, the annual Tessa's Ascension that benefited Habitat for Humanity.

From the webpage:

Tessa's father, Kevin Horan with friend.
 The ASCENSION is a memorial endurance ski race to honor one of our Ski Patrollers who lost her life while serving in the Peace Corps.Tessa Horan earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education and wanted to engage in meaningful service to others and to the cause of environmental health, restoration, and world peace. In 2006 she joined the Peace Corp and was assigned to Tonga as a teacher of children. Her desire to help others and to give of herself drew her to this remote part of the world where she strived to make a difference in the lives of people in need. While teaching in Tonga, Tessa recognized that the children needed a library. She wrote and called home about her dream of establishing a children's library.

Tessa was killed in a shark attack before her hopes could be realized.  After her death the library was built using contributions to the Tessa Horan Foundation, and with funds raised through the first two years of Tessa's Ascension event. The library is now completed and named in her honor.
...Tessa's Ascension is an event established by her friends and family to honor her and her commitment to a better and more peaceful world.

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