Friday, May 10, 2013

A Different "View" of Peacemaking

"The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) isn’t interested in glossing over conflict, tragedy, or injustice. However, IGVP believes that highlighting the beauty and dignity of people is a more creative and redemptive pursuit than 'shock value,'" is one of the statements from this professional group of photographers who committed to capturing cultural beauty as one means of seeking bridges of peace.

IGVP was founded, according to the website, because. "Throughout history people have fallen into the trap of making enemies with, demonizing, stereotyping, and fighting the 'other.'...Much of this has been fueled by the growing availability of technology, especially photography and videography… All persons involved are bound by the common convictions expressed in the Ethical Code.

“IGVP also leverages each visual peacemaker to make a difference beyond the photographic community. They can invite friends, peers, and family to take part by signing the Charter for Visual Peace that expresses what it means to be a socially conscious viewer of visual media.”

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