Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mexican Poet Leads Peace Movement

Personal tragedy from a violent act often fuels one to make change.  Such is the case for Mexican poet, and now peace leader, Javier Sicilia, who formed the Mexican Movement for Peace with Justice, after his son's death from the drug violence in Mexico.The movement organizes the voices of  families of the victims and leads caravans throughout the country, calling for reforms to strategies used in the drug war, which has claimed some 50,000 lives in the last five years.

The UT San Diego recently reported:

 Mexican anti-violence activists have released a blimp as part of a campaign to urge President Barack
"Good Bye to Weapons" Peace Blimp in Mexico City. A/P photo
Obama to stop arms trafficking into Mexico.

Peace activist Javier Sicilia and the Mexico chapter of Amnesty International say the blimp is part of a "virtual" campaign to put attention on the problem of guns ahead of Obama's visit to Mexico on Thursday. Sicilia and other activists are urging Mexicans to tweet with the hashtag "Goodbye to weapons." The slogan is printed on the blimp, which traveled from outside the Museum of Memory and Tolerance to the U.S. Embassy.

Sicilia said Monday that activists hope to collect 1 million signatures urging Obama and Mexican President Pena Nieto to discuss halting the flow of weapons into Mexico.

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