Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Young Man's Philanthropic Goal Met In Nepal

HANDS in Nepal founder and team celebrating a new school
 Hands In Nepal (HANDS stands for Humanitarian Acts in Nepal Developing Schools) started with  a 20-something young man who volunteered his services in Nepal, then, as he writes on the nonprofit's website, "I was able to file the papers for a 501(c)(3) and make definite plans to start an NGO with the goal of building a school in a village we had visited, and with land that was being given to us by our friends who were originally from that village.  When we had visited we were shown the existing elementary school and realized that there was a true need to re-build.  It was very small and the walls were crumbling, the furniture was all broken.The third year I took a semester off and after lots of tedious planning and arrangements I went over alone to oversee the building of the school."

The nonprofit  "...now (has) 2 schools, plus 2 libraries and many scholarships to enable homeless children to attend boarding schools. We pride ourselves on being grassroots and feel that frequent updates and complete transparency is key to maintaining good relationships with our supporters and the Nepali community."

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