Saturday, June 15, 2013

GenY Pianist Calms Turkey Protestors

Pianist Davide Martello. Photo by Emrah Gurel
From this writer's perspective, this story is the good of the year. It's made up of youth, passion, cause and music.

From The Daily News Turkey
The thousands of demonstrators who gathered once again late on June 12 in Gezi Park had an opportunity to chill out thanks to a joint piano concert performed by the German musician Davide Martello and the Turkish musician Yiğit Özatalay.

The Italian-born pianist and composer, who visited Taksim Square and the park, surprised its “occupiers,” bringing with him nothing less than his piano and gave a mellow concert for the crowd, Doğan news agency reported...Martello was on a world tour and he wanted to play in Istanbul to support the protesters, daily Hürriyet reported. “I brought the piano with my car. I play at the squares for people’s freedom. I came here to support the demonstrations,” Martello said.

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