Thursday, July 4, 2013

Building a World Beyond Extreme Poverty

When Groundwork Opportunities began in 2008, its founders promised that 100% of donations would be given directly to the community projects in the developing world.   At the core of the GO model is the development of a crowdfunding platform called GoodForce used by GO champions to start raising money for the ideas they support.  A champion is anyone who wishes to use the platform to raise funds for a worthy idea, whether one is a housewife in suburban America or a young, hip artist from sophisticated London.  In the first nine months since launching GoodForce, GO has raised $221,286.   It impacted more than 25,000 people spread in countries like Cambodia, Rwanda, and Uganda.

 A review of the development schemes showcased in their web site, revealed that GO has increased its presence to several more countries and now includes the following: India, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Rwanda, and South Sudan.  The number of ideas is also increasing: from community greenhouses, which I had written about in a previous article, to water wells, literacy campaigns, or to preserving rainforests. Groundworks Opportunities has spread its global wings in just a few years, and as they themselves like to say, they are helping “build a world beyond extreme poverty.”

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