Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jamaican HOA Forms NGA to Benefit Community and Environment

Protected Coral Reef at Bluefields Bay.  NOAA Photo
The Bluefields Environmental Protection Association was founded in late 2009 as the non-profit arm of Bluefields Bay: Jamaican Seaside Villas. The mission of BEPA is to protect the natural environment of the villages constituting the coastline of the Bluefields Bay, as well as to protect the aquatic life of the Bay itself. BEPA also seeks to contribute to the health, welfare and well-being of the region’s residents.

Achievements include:
-       The donation of thirty computers to the Bluefields People’s Community Association that were used for computer literacy classes;
-       Monthly stipends for the teachers at the Bluefields  Basic School for children aged three to five;
-       Financial support for the Bluefields Fisherman’s Association, an organization dedicated to sustainable fishing practices;
-       The building of flush toilets for Mearnsville All-Age School, which until 2009 only had pit latrines.

The Bluefields Environmental Protection Association consists of seven Directors. It employs no permanent staff as all administration is taken care of on a voluntary basis. Therefore, every cent donated to BEPA goes directly to charitable projects.

From:   Bluefields Environmental Protection Association

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