Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leukemia Patient Sends Positive Message

From The Daily Activist

A video featuring young cancer patients, their nurses, doctors and parents lip-synching to Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Stronger” has gone viral!

The awesomely uplifting video was filmed via Seattle Children’s Hospital art program, the idea of which came from 22 year old Chris Rumble, a leukemia patient who wanted to share something with his hockey team in his hometown of Wenatchee, Washington.

“I’m everyone’s big brother and I have a lot of friends here at Seattle Children’s,” Rumble said on the Seattle hospital’s blog.

According to Dr. Douglas Hawkins, the patients and staff at Seattle Children’s have been thrilled by the video’s response.

“When a child or young adult is treated for cancer, it puts their whole life on hold in a way that doesn’t seem fair at all,” Hawkins said. “It’s a fight for their life. But there are all these other normal things they want to be doing too, or things they want to focus on other than the medicine or the illness or their time in the hospital.”

In further response, singer Kelly Clarkson posted a message to the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital, saying the video was “amazing.”

“It made my day. I know it’s making everybody else’s day online,” Clarkson said. “I just can’t wait to meet you.”

Check out the awesome video below:

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