Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Showcasing Trash,Pollution--A Popular Free Tour of Los Angeles

A recent Los Angeles Times report, Trash Talk and the Real Dirt on a Toxic Tour of Los Angeles, writes:

To your left is a brownfield," guide Roberto Cabrales announces from the front of the bus to two dozen tourists aboard. "To your right, that's a former steel company. It's contaminated with heavy metals." The half-day excursions by the advocacy group Communities for a Better Environment were begun in 1994 as a way to show a handful of government officials the consequences of their decisions in low-income and predominantly Latino communities.
Increased demand for the tour from universities, school groups and families now has the Huntington Park-based organization hosting hundreds of visitors on dozens of bus trips a year. Admission is free, but donations are sought to pay for the bus rental.

Communities for a Better Environment explains its mission as: "Founded in 1978, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) is one of the preeminent environmental justice organizations in the nation. The mission of CBE is to build people’s power in California’s communities of color and low income communities to achieve environmental health and justice by preventing and reducing pollution and building green, healthy and sustainable communities and environments.

CBE provides residents in blighted and heavily polluted urban communities in California with organizing skills, leadership training and legal, scientific and technical assistance, so that they can successfully confront threats to their health and well-being."

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